MPS-2000 M

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Hanging Type
(Stainless Steel)
2 Sided Tape
705mm(W) x 85mm(L) x 235mm(H)
240V . 50 Hz/60 Hz
3.9 kg
Area of Coverage
30 - 50 mĀ²


Stainless-Steel-DesignsMade of stainless steel with no contaminate and easy to clean.
Capture-Flying-InsectsCapture almost all type of insects, even very tiny ones. Environmental-ProtectionAs the material usage is environment friendly.
Long-LastingMushipon has a life span of up to 40,000 hours. OdorlessOdorless, without smell.
Without-spark-and-smokeWithout spark and smoke.
Reliable-EffectiveMushipon has been proven to be reliable, hygienic and effective. Resin-GlueThe soft resin enable the insect to be recapture at the same area. (up to 20.000 insects)
Safety-HealthNo chemical substances which harmless to human.
SilentQuiet, without crackling sound. Strong-AdhesiveExposed tape has a life span of up to 2-3 years while unused one has a life span of 5 years.
UV-Light-Life-SpanReplaced the UV light after 6 months to maintain performance.
UV-LightWith typical designed UV light to attract insects vision. Variety-DesignsVariety of designs to accomodate public requirements. Low-Maintenance-CostLow Maintenance Cost.

New Features

Easy to open for gel tape replacement


Block Type

Wall Type

Suitable For Various Industries

  • Food & beverages.
  • Food & beverages processing manufactures.
  • Chemical
  • Printing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Paint

  • Hospital & Clinic
  • Bakery
  • Supermarket And Hypermarket
  • Hotel
  • Pet Shop
  • Clean Room

*Our Consultant will recommended the appropriate
positionĀ  / ideal place to install Mushipon.

Mushipon Sample 1

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Sample 1

Mushipon Sample 2

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Sample 2

Mushipon Sample 3

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Sample 3

Mushipon Sample 4

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Sample 4

Mushipon Sample 5

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Sample 5