What's Mushipon Insect Trap

mushipon-logo"Mushipon" is the insect trapper (light trap)

Alluring UV lamp to attracts bugs and the "Mushipon Adhesive Tapes" to capture them,
even the very tiny ones onto the sticky gel tape firmly.

We have various types of "Mushipon" that cater to the industrial to domestic use .

ultralighticon-check Product Effectiveness
The alluring UV rays ( 365nm ) attract the bugs and the very sticky gel tapes will capture them entirely, even very tiny ones.

icon-check Compact And Fashionable Design
The exclusive design of "Mushipon" will instill a very fashionable feeling at the location it is installed.

icon-check High Safety Without Any Pollution
Unlike the conventional insect zapper, "Mushipon" has no chemical effects and is completely safe to human.

gel-tape-hand-stickicon-check Clean And Hygienic
"Mushipon" it has no odor, does not produce crackling sound and the dead bug bodies does not scatter all around the place.

icon-check Easy To Installation
"Mushipon" is user-friendly and is easy to manage even by the housewife or children.

Mushipon Adhesive Tape
gel-tape-seriesgel-tape-insect-stickBen-Har Fuyo co.ltd. has focused on the development of the Mushipon adhesive tapes to capture bugs since it's establishment and now Mushipon products are in high demand in the market. Mushipon "Adhesive Tape" is processed in such a manner that it is so soft and thick to enable the capture of all bug even the tiny ones. The exposed tapes has a life span of 2-3 years while unused tapes has life span of up to 5 years.

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Insects Capture Solution

    Capture all type of insects, even very tiny ones.

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